Occupational Safety.

The focus on quality and customer satisfaction as well as ensuring consistent occupational health and safety are essential preconditions for our success. Our in-house HSE & Quality Department represents the importance of occupational safety and quality within WESEE. The department is responsible for the following key tasks:
Conduction of risk assessments
Conduction of operational and construction site inspections
Monitoring of compliance with occupational health and safety measures as well as quality standards
Advising the management
In-house training and instruction of operational staff and managers
(Near) accident investigations/near miss
Implementation of and compliance with the occupational health and safety regulations of the government and trade associations.
Customer-oriented support in the safety assessment of wind turbines as well as tools and operational equipment

WESEE has implemented and maintains up to date an integrate management system (quality and health and safety).

All WESEE’s employees are committed to:

  • Satisfy all customers’ requirements, respecting the supply agreements and the agreed quality
  • Ensure the necessary conditions for obtaining the quality imposed by the technical regulations in a safe and healthy environment
  • Efficient functioning of the organization, by optimising the process within the organization, applying appropriate management methods
  • Comply with legal or other requirements in the field of quality, health and safety
  • Continuously improve the integrated management system
  • Eliminate hazards and reduce occupational health and safety risks for all organization’s members
  • Consult and involve employees in the majors decisions of the organization.

WESEE’s management ensures all involved parties that is providing all needed resources to continuously improve the quality, health and safety within the organization.